Trekking in Tibet

Tibet offers great opportunity for trekking on the planet. The most extensive jumble of mountains stretching for almost 1900 miles (3000 km) and forming its entire southern boundary of the Himalaya and along its western extremity is the best realm for trekking. Between these two ranges are found all fourteen of the world's 8000-meter peaks including Mount Everest. In Northern Tibet the Plateau is high arid and wide stretch known as the Chang Tang, the "Northern Plains," while Eastern Tibet is bounded by a succession of mountains where three of Asia 's largest rivers cut deep, parallel gorges on their journey from the Plateau to the sea.

Many people identify Tibet a desolate, cold windswept desert on the roof of the World. But Tibet has an unusually diverse and strikingly beautiful landscape of snowcapped summits, lush rhododendron & conifer forests and fertile agricultural valley, too.